Full Exclusion Work


Once an animal has been trapped and removed from your home in Georgia, a complete structure inspection and exclusion work are the next steps to ensure the animal doesn’t return. This process involves extensively checking the entire home and sealing any possible construction gaps, holes, cracks, or vents that allowed for the animal to enter

Check out this picture of a hole in the roof of a house in Atlanta-it was chewed by a squirrel

Chewed hole in roof to attic










We’re the area’s leading animal access experts and we know the most efficient, humane, and environmentally friendly ways to prevent animals from invading into and returning to your home.

In many cases, builders leave gaps, called “Construction or Builder Gaps,” which allows various animals to enter.  Below are some pictures. The first one is a standard construction gap.

The next set of pictures are holes that have been chewed into the construction gap area:

Construction gap in roofline of house      

In order to prevent animals from entering through these gaps, Georgia P.A.W.S uses the highest quality galvanized metal flashing to seal up this area. This prevents rodents and squirrels from chewing into the attic area. Birds often nest in dryer and exhaust vents, while rats often get through cracks in basement foundations. Here are a few pictures of the galvanized drip edge that is used and excluder traps set to prevent animal re-entry:

Construction gap in roof line of house   

Construction gap in roof line    


Whether it’s in an attic, crawl space, basement or anywhere in your home, we will properly seal these vents, as well as any places where wires or pipes have broken the foundation of the home or the roof

Here are some more pictures of us hard at work…very high up!



If pesky animals are ruining your roof, chimney, siding or any other areas of your home, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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Attic Clean-Up & Restoration

Have you had critters  in your attic? Chances are they have severely contaminated your insulation with feces, hair, and their food. This can be very dangerous to live with as feces of many animals can cause diseases let alone the smell that can seep through your air ducts.  Never fear! Georgia P.A.W.S last step of getting rid of your nuisance wildlife is to clean-up and restore your attic!

When various animals such as bats, raccoons, roof rats, squirrels or flying squirrels get into your attic, they infect the insulation with urine, feces, shed fur, parasites and dead animals. Unless removed, these disease-causing pollutants will remain in your home’s insulation literally forever. These pollutants can also seep into your air ducts thus contaminating the air everyone in the home breathes. These unhealthy conditions can remain long after the animals are gone and could actually attract other animals!


Georgia P.A.W.S. wants your home to be safe; our complete attic restoration services can include:

  •    Cleanup and removal of nuisance wildlife contaminant
  •    Fogging with disinfectant/deodorizer
  •    Full or partial removal of infected insulation
  •    New “blown in” insulation replacement in the following options
    •      Fiber Glass
    •      Cellulose
  •    Disposal of contaminated insulation


The photos below are of attics that have been infested with nuisance wildlife and the contamination those animals left in the insulation:

Rodent damage to insulation    rodent damage to insulation

                             Rodent Damage to Insulation

squirrel damage to insulation  squirrel damage to insulation  squirrel droppings in attic insulation

                                                       Squirrel damage to insulation


The photos below are of the cleanup process :

Attic Cleanup  Attic Cleanup

             Georgia P.A.W.S does a thorough job of removing all contaiminated insulation


  Insulation removal  Attic Cleanup

                 Attic rafters and attic wall after Georgia P.A.W.S does cleanup work.



   attic insulation after clean-up  attic insulation after clean-up

  Check out that fresh, new blown in insulation! The crew at Georgia P.A.W.S is awesome!




General Construction

Nuisance wildlife can cause many different types of damage to you home. Georgia P.A.W.S wants to make sure that once we are done, your house is back to how it looked before your unwanted guest arrived.

Our trained technicians are skilled in all services that we offer. They can do soffit and facia work, minor home repairs, painting and any other general cosmetic work.that your house needs. Below are a few pictures of our work.



Soffit Removal                                                  Soffit and facia replacement




Soffit and facia replacement                          Soffit installation



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