Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal Bethlehem GA

wildlife control bethlehem gaGeorgia PAWS provides wildlife removal in Bethlehem GA and surrounding areas. We offer services that fully exclude any wildlife in a humane way. Our team is highly qualified to handle any wildlife problem. Our staff receives extensive training and all of the necessary permits. Our clients and their homes come first. We have earned a reputation of being the best at wildlife removal. We handle wildlife of all sizes, including squirrels, raccoons, bats and rodents. Listed below are the services we provide.

Bat Removal in Bethlehem GA

bat removal services in Bethlehem GAbat removal in Bethlehem GA

Georgia P.A.W.S offers comprehensive wildlife control services in Bethlehem, including specialized bat removal services. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the entry and roosting points of bats. We will then seal off all possible entry points, including vents and gaps in the construction. To ensure that any bats still in the house are not trapped inside, we will hang a bat valve or bat curtain at the entry point. This will allow the bats to exit, but they will not be able to re-enter your home. If you require bat removal services in Bethlehem GA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Flying Squirrel Trapping and Removal in Bethlehem GA

flying squirrel removal in Bethlehem gaflying squirrel services in Bethlehem ga
DIt’s a lesser-known fact that the teeth of flying squirrels, like those of their more common squirrel relatives, continuously grow throughout their lives. As a result, they have to chew on objects to keep their teeth in check. When flying squirrels invade our homes or other structures, they can cause extensive damage to the building’s structure, chew on electrical wiring, and leave unsanitary droppings that contaminate the insulation. If you reside in Bethlehem, GA, and require professional flying squirrel trapping services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Rat and Rodent Trapping and Removal in Bethlehem GA

rat trapping in Bethlehem garats in attic Bethlehem ga
Don’t underestimate the harm that rodents can cause in your home or business. Rodents can spread diseases to your pets, ruin your insulation, and cause damage that can lead to expensive legal liabilities. If you are a resident of Bethlehem, GA and need help with rat trapping, please contact us. We’re here to help keep your home or business rodent-free.

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Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Bethlehem GA

squirrel removal in Bethlehem gasquirrel trapping in Bethlehem ga
Squirrels can cause major damage to the inside or outside of your home. They often gnaw on wood, cables and electrical wiring. Any chewing of wiring is a big red flag. The stripping of the insulation from the wires increases the chances for a short and the risk of fire. In fact, squirrels are responsible for thousands of house fires each year. If you are a resident of Bethlehem GA and are in need of squirrel trapping or squirrel removal services please contact us.

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Raccoon Trapping and Raccoon Removal in Bethlehem GA

raccoon trapping in Bethlehem garaccoon trapping in Bethlehem ga

If you are hearing strange noises in your attic or walls, especially in the early morning or evening, it could be a sign of raccoons that have invaded your home. To get rid of these nuisance animals, call the experienced professionals at Georgia P.A.W.S. We specialize in eliminating wildlife problems using our highly tested and effective techniques. Our experts will conduct an inspection, diagnose the problem, trap and remove the raccoons, and make the necessary repairs to prevent them from entering your home again. If you reside in Bethlehem GA and need raccoon trapping services, contact us today.

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Why Choose Georgia PAWS in Bethlehem GA?

Bethlehem, GA is a small town right outside of Winder. It features its own movie theater, big box and small shops, and several dining options. With its proximity to Winder and Athens, residents are in the prime spot to enjoy the Georgia outdoors and anything else they want to do. When wildlife or rodents interrupt your Bethlehem home, Georgia PAWS has your solution. Georgia Pest and Wildlife Specialist is your Bethlehem wildlife control specialist. In Bethlehem Call: 706-207-7278

Georgia P.A.W.S is dedicated to managing wildlife in a humane manner to prevent the spread of diseases and assist in the safe removal of wild animals from residential and commercial properties. The growing population of Georgia is causing wild animals to lose their natural habitats and seek shelter in heavily populated areas, including human structures. This has resulted in an increased demand for the removal of nuisance wildlife. At Georgia P.A.W.S, we prioritize humane wildlife removal methods and live trap animals, relocating them to less densely populated areas that are more suitable for their survival. If you require assistance with unwanted wildlife or rodents, contact Georgia P.A.W.S, the trusted wildlife control specialist in Bethlehem.