Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal Bogart GA

wildlife removal bogart gaGeorgia PAWS provides wildlife removal services in Bogart GA and surrounding areas. Our full exclusion of wildlife is carried out in a humane way. Our team is highly qualified to handle any wildlife problem. Our staff receives extensive training and all of the necessary permits. Our clients and their homes come first. We have earned a reputation of being the best at wildlife removal. We handle wildlife of all sizes, including squirrels, raccoons, bats and rodents. Listed below are the services we provide.

Bat Removal in Bogart GA

bat removal services in Bogart GAbat removal in Bogart GA
Introducing our exclusive Bogart wildlife control services, Georgia P.A.W.S goes above and beyond by conducting a thorough house inspection to identify the precise entry and roosting spots of bats. Our comprehensive approach involves sealing off all potential access points, including exhaust vents, gable vents, roof vents, and even the construction gap—a space deliberately left by the builder between the roof decking and facia board. Once your home is securely sealed, we implement a cutting-edge bat valve or bat curtain at the entry point. This ingenious solution enables bats within the premises to exit safely while effectively preventing their reentry. If you’re a resident of Bogart GA seeking exceptional bat removal services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Flying Squirrel Trapping and Removal in Bogart GA

flying squirrel removal in Bogart gaflying squirrel services in Bogart ga
Were you aware that the remarkable teeth of flying squirrels, similar to their non-flying counterparts, have a fascinating characteristic—they continue to grow throughout their lives? As a result, these squirrels have an instinctive need to gnaw on objects to maintain their teeth at an optimal length. However, when flying squirrels intrude into our residences and other structures, they quickly become a bothersome presence, causing significant structural damage, chewing through electrical wiring, and leaving behind their droppings that contaminate our insulation. If you happen to be a resident of Bogart GA facing such issues and require professional flying squirrel trapping services, we urge you to contact us without delay.

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Raccoon Trapping and Raccoon Removal in Bogart GA

raccoon trapping in Bogart garaccoon trapping in Bogart ga

If you find yourself suspecting that mischievous raccoons have invaded your home or if you’re consistently hearing unsettling noises emanating from the attic or walls during the morning or evening hours, it’s imperative that you reach out to the dedicated professionals at Georgia P.A.W.S. We possess unmatched expertise in effectively resolving nuisance wildlife issues. Our highly skilled team employs tested and proven techniques to accurately diagnose the problem, skillfully trap and remove the raccoons, and promptly address any gaps or openings in your home that may be facilitating their entry. For residents of Bogart GA in urgent need of reliable raccoon trapping and removal services, we kindly request you to contact us right away.

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Rat and Rodent Trapping and Removal in Bogart GA

rat trapping in Bogart garats in attic Bogart ga
The presence of rodents in your residence or commercial establishment can have far-reaching consequences beyond what meets the eye. When rodents infiltrate your home, they pose a serious risk by transmitting diseases to your beloved pets and wreaking havoc on your insulation. In a business setting, the repercussions can be even more severe, with potential legal liabilities leading to substantial financial burdens arising from damaged inventory, compromised food safety, violations of health codes, and other detrimental outcomes. If you happen to be a resident of Bogart GA seeking rat trapping services to address this pressing issue, we urge you to contact us promptly.

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Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Bogart GA

squirrel removal in Bogart gasquirrel trapping in Bogart ga
One of the biggest complaints regarding squirrels is the destruction they can cause to your property. They often gnaw on wood, cables and electrical wiring. The gnawing of wiring is perhaps the scariest damage they do. The stripping of the insulation from the wires increases the chances for a short and the risk of fire. In fact, squirrels are responsible for thousands of house fires each year. If you are a resident of Bogart GA and are in need of squirrel trapping or squirrel removal services please contact us.

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Why Choose Georgia PAWS in Bogart GA?

Bogart, GA is rural town just outside of Athens. It offers visitors and residents the option to explore a historical museum, artisan booths and event the chance to make their own pottery. When enjoying the nature, don’t let wildlife invade your home. When you have animal, wildlife, or rodent issues in Bogart, call us to speak to a service representative now. Georgia Pest and Wildlife Specialist is your Bogart wildlife control specialist. In Bogart Call: 706-207-7278.

At Georgia P.A.W.S, our core mission revolves around the humane control of wildlife to combat the spread of diseases and ensure the safe removal of wild animals from both residential and commercial spaces. Due to the rapid population growth in Georgia, wild animals are being displaced from their natural habitats. Consequently, they are compelled to seek shelter in heavily populated areas, often sharing the same structures as humans. This has resulted in an increased demand for effective nuisance wildlife removal. At Georgia PAWS, we are unwavering in our commitment to humane practices. We utilize live traps to safely capture and relocate animals to areas with lower human population density, providing them with a habitat more suitable for their survival. When faced with unwanted wildlife or rodent issues, don’t hesitate to contact Georgia PAWS—the foremost Bogart wildlife control specialists.