Have you peeked into your attic lately? It is a good idea to do so every few months. You could have any kind of new resident shacking up with you. Bats are notorious for living rent free in attics across the state. If you suspect this is your situation, the best method for resolving the problem is for a full exclusion to be performed by a professional like Georgia P.A.W.S. Remember, bats can carry rabies. Extreme caution should be used when near them. If you are having beetles problems in your environment, check out this article on What You Need To Know About Carpet Beetles.

To get rid of bats in your home, you must seal off their entry point and all other potential entry points. This is something many professionals refer to as ‘full exclusion work.’ You will not get rid of the bats if your simply remove them or move their roost site to another location on your home or building. Bats are creatures of habit-they will return to the same structure to try to get back in. ‘Bat-proofing” a structure is a very detailed process best handled by a professional; if the proper steps are not taken to remove and exclude bats from a structure, the problem may not be resolved.

Once all bats are removed and the building is “bat-proofed,” their guano must also be removed. You may have had bats so long that your insulation has become contaminated. If this is the case, it will need to be removed and disposed of properly. The area should then be fumigated to kill all microorganisms and new insulation should be installed. (Yes, these are all things that Georgia PAWS can do for you)

(Stay tuned for details about my own personal scare with rabies…)