So my wife and son go outside yesterday evening to take the trash out and my little boy comes back in telling me “Momma stepped on a snake.” Now, I think this must be somewhat true but I don’t hear my wife screaming. What is she doing? The last time she almost stepped on a snake, I learned she could tap dance. So I get up and go outside and sure enough, there is a big black snake slithering through the woods. She’s just staring at it…She said she almost stepped on it. I’m impressed that she’s not freaking out.

We got a call the other day from a homeowner who had found a snake in her closet. She was brave enough to take a trash can and turn it upside down over the snake. Check out the picture…she duct taped it to the floor! That snake wasn’t going anywhere else in her house!! woodstock homeowners snake trap

This time of the year brings all kinds of snakes out and sometimes in…But snakes don’t just want to get into a house; the reason they are sometimes found there is because they are looking for food, water, or shelter. It is very common to find a snake in a garage during the summer time. The cool floor feels good on a hot day plus they may be hunting rodents that are living there. Be sure to keep your garage door closed as much as possible to prevent them for making it inside.

So what do you do if there is a snake in your house? If brave enough, you can remove it yourself. But if not, try to keep it isolated in one room. Close the door to the area and put rolled up towels down to seal the cracks. Next, call Georgia P.A.W.S.

Our trained technician will come out and remove the snake. Next, he will do a thorough inspection to determine the entrance point and any possible entry points.  Because snakes go into a home looking for food and their food source is rodents, we will be looking for signs of rodents. If signs of rodents are found, we will recommend a full exclusion be performed on your home. This process involves sealing any entry points such as holes, cracks, vents and construction/builder’s gaps so that no animals can ever re-enter.  (FYI-The construction/builder’s gap is a gap intentionally left by the builder between the roof decking and fascia board.) Georgia P.A.W.S uses the highest quality galvanized metal flashing to seal up each entry point area. This prevents rodents, squirrels, raccoons or any other nuisance animal from chewing into the structure. Once this process is complete, you can rest assured that you won’t have snakes, much less any other animals.