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Think you have bats roosting in your house or business? You are not alone! Bat removal is our most popular service here at Georgia P.A.W.S.

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About Bats

Bats are a common pest problem among homeowners and commercial property owners. They are territorial creatures that prefer dark, empty spaces to make their homes. Once they pick a roosting spot, they revisit it every year unless something stops them from getting to it. A bat can fit into openings as small as 3/8ths of an inch!

Take a look at some of the bats that our team has found roosting in attics around the Atlanta area.

Bat season in Georgia begins around March and lasts through the fall (and since fall can last well through December, we have calls almost all year regarding bat removal.)

Georgia is home to 16 different species of bats. We typically see two types: The Big Brown Bat or the Little Brown Bat. But as creepy as they may appear, bats actually serve and important part of our ecosystem.

Ecological Benefits of Bats

Although having bats in your home is very dangerous, bats in their natural habitat are very beneficial to the local ecosystem. An unknown fact about bats is that they actually support biodiversity by pollinating and dispersing the seeds of hundreds of species of plants.

Bats eat many insects, particularly mosquitoes. The average bat consumes between 600 to 1000 insects an hour! Because of this, bats are protected species. Killing a bat can cost you a hefty fine.

Just as bats rely on thousands of insects each night, other animals in the ecosystem rely on bats for their own survival. Hawks, falcons, and owls all eat bats.

Dangers of Bats in Structures

Bats In An Attic, bat removal, bat trappingEven though bats are very beneficial to our ecosystem, there are many dangers of having bats in your house or business.

Bat guano (droppings) are associated with several, dangerous diseases. Some of the most common bat diseases include rabies (check out my personal experience with rabies here) and histoplasmosis: a lung disease caused by the spores of the fungus which grows on bat guano.

Bats also carry parasites like fleas and ticks which are known to be vectors of disease.

Another big problem of having bats in your house is bat bugs. These are tiny bugs very similar to bed bugs. They live on the blood of bats. But, if bats are living in your home, these bugs can spread to the living spaces and begin biting people. If the population gets out of control, the need for bug control can be necessary.

Here are some pictures of the damage we have seen from bats.

Professional Bat Removal

If bats have made their home in your house, they need to be removed professionally and safely so that they can re-enter their natural habitat and benefit the ecological system as they were intended to do. Georgia P.A.W.S provides bat removal services that protect your home and your family from the dangers of bats, but also respect the ecological benefits that bats provide by returning them safely to their natural habitat.

Bats are federally protected, very territorial and difficult to get rid of. They have to be removed from structures through a process of exclusion, not extermination! This process has to be performed by licensed professionals, like us at Georgia P.A.W.S.

Georgia P.A.W.S’ bat removal services begin with an inspection of your home or business to determine how the bats are entering, where they are roosting and any areas that may need repairs (check out our Attic Cleanup & Restoration page for more information on repairs.)

Bat Attic Cleanup & Restoration


Next, all possible entry points, such as the construction gap (a gap left by the builder between the roof decking and fascia board), the exhaust vents, gable vents, and the roof vents are sealed in some fashion to prevent re-entry. A single opening is left unsecured and a bat valve or bat curtain is installed to allow the bats in the house to get out but not get back in.

To better understand the bat removal process, check out our pictures below. The first image shows an example of an entry hole, where bats were entering the home to roost in the attic. The next picture shows a bat valve that Georgia P.A.W.S placed over the hole that allowed the bats to leave without letting them get back in.

Below are pictures of a bat curtain, a technician sealing a chimney, and sealing gaps.

Once all of the bats have been removed, Georgia P.A.W.S returns to remove the bat valve or bat curtain and performs any necessary clean-up and deodorization.

Bats can be a very messy pest to have in your home. They defecate and urinate everywhere, causing serious odor problems and damage to the structure of the attic.

If it was determined that bats contaminated the insulation in the attic, Georgia P.A.W.S can also provide a service for insulation removal and re-installation. And we can spray a product in the attic called DSV to disinfect and deodorize. For more information on that process, check out our Attic Cleanup & Restoration page.

Bat Attic Cleanup & Restoration


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