There could be a number of attic noises that you may hear – the pipes, the house settling or possibly just the wind. However, the most common cause is that of an animal (or animals…)! You can find them living in attics, walls, ceiling gaps, and in crawl spaces. Usually, it’s fairly easy to tell if the sound is coming from an animal, as opposed to just house noises. An animal moves, it scratches at random; it thumps, scurries, and pitter-patters around. You may even hear what sounds like marbles being rolled around!

Sound is usually the first clue people get when they have a critter problem. More often than not and if you’re lucky you have one mouse to deal with. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be dealing with a mice infestation. Either way the best option to get rid of the issue once and for all is to seek the help of the pros.

Of course, there are other signs that you have animals in your attic. They can cause odor issues, or damage to your home such as chewed wood, duct work or wiring. They may even contaminate your insulation with feces reducing its energy efficiency. But most of the time, it’s the attic noises that people notice first. This is when it is best to address the problem. If left unchecked, most animals in attic will cause damage. Sometimes the damage can be significant (such as damaged insulation or chewed wiring) and dangerous (such as a lung disease that develops from bat droppings called histoplasmosis). The problem is, once they find a nice attic to live in, they stay there a long time – they don’t just move out for no reason. They must be properly removed.

Attic noises explained:

So what are that attic noises? I’m going to analyze the different types of sounds you might hear, so that you can get a clue as to which type of animal is living inside your attic space:

  • Daytime attic noises that sound like quick scurrying, chewing and scratching… You probably have squirrels in your attic.
  • Nighttime attic noises that sound like fast pitter-patter, chewing and scratching…You probably have rats in your attic.
  • Some daytime, but mainly nighttime attic noises that sound like heavy thumping, vocal calls or growls, chewing and scratching…You probably have raccoons in your attic
  • Sunset attic noises that sound like light scurrying with high pitch chirps…You probably have bats in your attic.
  • Nighttime thumping attic noises along with chewing and scratching sounds…You probably have opossums in your attic.
  • Nighttime attic noises that sound like marbles being rolled around…You could have flying squirrels, in your attic.

Whatever kind of animal is in your attic, we can confirm for sure, properly remove them, and animal proof your home so that future ones do not become roommates! Call us today to schedule a free inspection at 678-313-3781.