It is officially summer. Not that I had to tell anyone-the weather this year so far has been incredibly hot!! But the work must go on. We may give out a few rain checks, but there are no days missed because of the heat. And our technicians are real troupers! They work hard outside all day in winter months and summer. But the winter time is a cake walk compared to a summer day in Georgia…in an attic! That’s right; I said in an attic. About once or twice a week, we have a full attic restoration scheduled to do.

When most people have animals in their home, of course the first thing they want done is the animal removed. And that is our first step. But after removing unwanted critters, our next step is the seal up the structure so that no animals can return. But what about the damage that was caused while those animals were in your home? This is a service that you may not realize we do. It’s called “attic restoration.”
Attic restoration consists of the cleanup and removal of nuisance wildlife contaminant, fogging the area with disinfectant/deodorizer and full or partial removal of infected insulation. After all of that is done, we install new “blown in” insulation replacement. All of which takes place obviously in the attic. And, I don’t know if you have ever been in the attic of your home during the summer but if not, you should just step up there one day – I bet you don’t stay long. Temperatures in attics can reach well above 100 degrees!
But our dedicated technicians will stay up there all day long getting this job done. And for that service – I give them a very well deserved THANK YOU (and of course a paycheck!)